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ICONS4YU; Icons, banners, and more!

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[LAYOUT CREDIT]: amazedxx
[LAST UPDATED]: 07/13/08

This is dance_bum's icons journal and is friends only. Please comment to be added. I will only add you if I see that you give proper credit in your keywords. I basically make graphics of celebrities and anything else that interests me. My icons are usually very basic and simple, but you probably pretty much know what my style is if you've come here.

These are pretty much the same old rules as every other icon journal.

1. Comment, when taking.
3. Save to your own server-NO HOTLINKING**.
4. Do not modify, edit, or alternate ANY of my icons, including textless.

*Please give credit whenever you're using an icon of any maker, unless of course you made it yourself. It's just common courtesy and takes 2 seconds. Thank you to everyone who does give credit, it is very much appreciated.

**My bandwidth has already exceeded for all of my photobucket accounts, due to hotlinking. If you hotlink, nobody wins. You won't be able to see my icons, along with everyone else. So I'm asking you to please, please, upload to your own server. It's really not that hard! Just go to Photobucket and create yourself a free account. Thank you.

How to credit by using keywords

• Go to Profile->Manage Userpics
• In the Comment textbox, type in credit: <*lj user="icons4yu"*> without the stars.
• In the Keywords textbox, type in the words that you want to identify your icon with.

See? Piece of cake. :)

Where to use icons?
This has been a major problem for me, so I'm going to be very specific. You can only use my icons for LiveJournal or GreatestJournal. Anywhere else (ex: Xanga, MySpace, Nexopia) is strictly prohibited unless I specifically give you my permission. This includes re-distributing my icons to fansites and such. If using on GreatestJournal, please credit to the username "jenyuine" as that is my username on GJ.

Unfortunately, I seldom make any graphics during the school year (Sept-June), as I am a full-time university student. Once in awhile I may take the odd request, but you will definitely not see any big sets of icons, except maybe during major school holidays. But to be fair, I make up for it in the summer. :)

If you would like to request a specific icon/graphic, comment here, with all the details of what you would like on your graphic. I will definitely try to have it ready for you as soon as possible when I get the time.

I noticed quite a few people crediting me as "icons4you"/"icons4u" instead of "icons4yu". I'm not too picky, so sometimes I'll let it slide--but in the future I just ask that you simply double-check the spelling of my username, or copy and paste. Thanks in advance.

BANNER-ICON -> First place @ rach_challenge
BANNER-ICON -> First place @ rach_challenge
BANNER-ICON -> First place @ rachelchallenge
BANNER-ICON -> First place @ sophiastillness
BANNER-ICON -> First place @ sophiastillness
BANNER-ICON -> Second place @ kelly_challenge
BANNER-ICON -> Second place @ sophiastillness
BANNER-ICON -> Third place @ kelly_challenge
BANNER-ICON & ICON -> Third place @ rach_challenge
BANNER-ICON -> Third place @ rachelchallenge
BANNER-ICON Mod's Choice @ hil_ichallenge

If you would like to use one of these, just comment here.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm welcoming affiliates at the moment, so if you would like to be an affiliate, just comment here to ask me.

"Do-s and Don't-s" of Icon Taking by teh_indy (VERY USEFUL!)

If you would like to link me, feel free to do so, and upload these buttons to your own server.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com